Thursday, November 30, 2006


How do you term beauty? In this century, where one side says you have to be a certain height, have a certain body figure, and have a certain look to be beautiful, and on the other side, what ever you are is enough, even if your over 300 pounds. But what does beauty really mean? Let us look at nature in the African desert. Look at the gazelles, limbre elegant things, that leap among the plains of nature, with slim bodies, as nature gave them. And now let us look at the elephants, huge lumbering things, slowly moving, grazing around the land that they walk on. How can you compare beauty between these two things? You can't say the beauty of the gazelle is the same as the elephant.

A gazelle is a gazelle, and will always have its slim elegant body shape. An elephant is always an elephant, and will never have the slim body shape as it's smaller counterpart. They both have their own positive attributes, and their individual beauty just can't be compared in the same field.

Why am I talking about gazelles and elephants? This is all due to a recent news report on fat models, and how they are also beautiful. I mean, sure, they are beautiful as people as well. But in terms of fashion, and I just can't seem to categorise slim models and fat models in the same field. Can you imagine seeing layers of fat bouncing down on the runway? Let models be models, and let fat people be fat. Everyone has their own beauty, and each has their own responsibility over their own body.

I am talking too much... just enjoy the photos

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Triple Squeeze

What do you get when you squeeze three architectural students in a photobooth? This =)

Sunday, November 12, 2006


The fascination of height to humans can never be satisfied. Growing up, who doesn't dream of being tall, or reaching up into the skies, or being able to take in the view of all from a height inconceivable without technology

The wonders of the human mind, with technology and design, create these amazing extensions of livable space.
Be it glass, steel, masonry, it never ceases to create new structures that every now and then, allows us to just stare and admire at the beauty of construction.
Will we ever be satisfied with the heights that we have reached? How long till cities become towering shadows, that all life on the earth becomes nothing more than a memory.
Let us look up into the skies, and take it in while we can, before these towering sculptures cloud our eyes of the blue yonder.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Wow Wii!

Wii! enter the Nintendo Wii! and wow wii, is it amazing! I had the pleasure of testing it out at Melbourne Central, and it was a blast! One of the most innovative designs in console gameplay.

The Controller basically can be Anything! Imagine it can be a tennis racket handle, or a steering wheel, or as a weapon, aiming and pulling the trigger. It brings interactive play to another level! The strength of your swing and angle, determines how a ball is hit. The angle you turn the control, determines how much a car turns. Wherever you aim on the tv screen, is where you truly shoot.

Man, if only I wasn't saving up for a RM17,000 camera... I'd want to buy one! haha. All I wish there was a scaled model gun for actual shooting games! That'll be definitely fun for FPS games. Man, with the Wii... anything is possible. Well, till it ships out on the 19th of Nov, guess I'll just have to visit Melbourne Central everyday to play it =)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Merry Marina

Another introduction series, and this time, its the very first model that I worked with, and who was kind enough to trust me, when I did not have any formal training nor previous work.

Someone not to mess with, Marina is every right her own person, and a very strong character in that. She reminds me of Gong Li, though several people have other ideas of who she resembles. But she does have a pretty strong face.
She's currently in the Miss Chinese Melbourne competition, and all the best wishes to her. Till the future, we'll just have to wait to see more of Marina =)

[I am currently experiencing post-submission anti-rush syndrome... feels weird when you don't have assignments weighing down on your shoulders having to be finished by a deadline]

Friday, November 03, 2006

A close shave in life

Well here I thought, another uneventful day at work, just finishing up on a macro model for a master plan at the end of Orchard Road in Singapore. I was working with another friend, who does not want to be known, hehe, and we were suppose to edit the model by slicing some components off the model. I was busy on one side of the table, and she was opposite me, each doing something. All of a sudden, i see this metallic piece fly by my arm, just a few centimeters short of coming into contact with my arm. When I looked down, I saw it was a long piece of blade, as it had snapped at the very end of the blade my friend was using. PHEW. Wouldn't want to have to end up in the hospital that early in the morning. But man, it was pretty scary. If I had sat to my left just a bit more, it could have entered my arm. Never knew model making would require me to take up a health insurance...

Work is pretty interesting huh...